Connecting African startups to the London Tech Ecosystem

    Now in its third year, Africa Tech Pitch LDN is an annual pitch competition providing an opportunity for Africa-focused tech startups to showcase their solutions to the London Tech ecosystem.

    It spotlights high-impact, high-growth startups that are using technology to unlock untapped opportunities and address a real need in the African market.



  • 2017 FINALISTS

    Amplify Payment – Nigeria

    Amplify is a payment solution that enables companies such as insurance, mutual funds, gyms, churches, utilities, cable subscriptions and others to receive recurring payments from their customers.
    Customers use their bank account number or card details to set up pre-authorized debits online and Amplify ensures their accounts are charged regularly.
    Apart from being the only payment provider in the market focusing on recurring payments, Amplify differentiates itself further by being the only payment company that allows customers to use their bank account number to setup recurring payments.

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    EcoAct – Tanzania

    EcoAct recycles and transforms plastic waste into plastic lumbers for the construction industry. Plastic lumbers are an affordable and durable alternative to timber. This reduces the need for building materials manufactured from wood thus helping to cut down on deforestation and effects of climate change. Their innovative Plastic extrusion technology called “Waxy 2 technology” ensures the manufactured plastic lumbers can last more than 40 years without replacement. Unlike timber, plastic lumbers do not rot or absorb water and are highly resistant to insect damage. They also have a unique advantage in their ability to resist shock.

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    JoinTheGreen – Uganda

    JoinTheGreen enables individuals and communities to crowdsource and crowdfund new agricultural ventures. Their online platform, Micro ventures in a Lotted Environment (MVLE), will enable multiple investors to participate in large agricultural ventures. For example, if a ranch of 1000 acres was crowdfunded, investors can come on board by investing in as little as one cow or a smaller ranch within the larger ranch. They can then benefit from shared services and reduced costs while increasing productivity, efficiency, food security and financial inclusion.
    Investors further have the option to exit through financial and commodity markets. MVLE will also be able to capture and track projects at inception versus harvested volumes.

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    Smart Business Intelligence – Uganda

    MYAccounts by Smart Business Intelligence is a skills and tools program focused on providing low cost, easy to use mobile technology-based solutions to enable SMEs in Africa to survive and thrive.
    Their solution MYAccounts is the first mobile money ready accounting system in the world. It drives SME behaviour towards cashless transactions enabling them have greater control of their cash and other business assets.
    MYAccounts provides real time business intelligence and analytics to SMEs as well as to their partners including banks, suppliers and governments thus enabling last mile avenues for
    SMEs to access formal financial services such as credit, insurance, savings and transfers.

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    SnooCODE – Ghana

    SnooCODE is an innovative addressing system that solves the problem of the lack of addresses in developing countries. Increased efficiency created by robust addressing translates into increased economic empowerment especially for the people at the bottom of the pyramid.
    SnooCODEs are unique 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric geolocation based codes that can be used to provide directions to any location, accurate to within 7 meters & completely secure.
    SnooCODE users require a GPS enabled phone but the app can be used without an internet connection, sim card or cellular signal.
    Users only require knowledge of their A-Z & 1-9 to use it, so people with a very basic education, locals or foreigners with little knowledge of English an quickly & efficiently indicate locations.

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    WhereIsMyTransport - UK/SouthAfrica

    WhereIsMyTransport provides an open platform for integrated public transport data that currently supports 20 cities and growing across Africa and the Middle East. We offer the only open platform that can handle data from both formal and informally run transport services in emerging cities. Where data does not exist, we collect it ourselves. Using our collection toolkit, we’ve begun by collecting all the informally run transport routes in the major South African cities. The platform and our Software as a Service (SaaS) tools are used by cities to coordinate and monitor services, communicate directly with citizens, and to evaluate investment; by operators to integrate their systems and optimise service; and by commuters, who can access the platform through mobile apps and other endpoints connected to the platform.

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